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Monroe Charter Township Government
Monroe Charter Township is located in Eastern Monroe County, Michigan, approximately 11 miles North of Toledo Ohio and 42 miles south of Downtown Detroit. Monroetown was one of four townships organized in Monroe County in 1827 by a legislative act of then Governor Cass. At that time Monroetown included all of the property south of the River Raisin, much of what is now a part of the City of Monroe.

Monroe Township later became a Charter Township on March 29, 1978, which allowed for greater protection from annexation attempts and improved taxing controls. As a Charter Township, Monroe is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees. The board consists of three executive officials and four trustees. The executive officials include the supervisor, clerk and treasurer.

The Board of Trustees generally meets once per month to conduct business. The board sets government policy, determines types and levels of service to be provided and approves all expenditures of Township funds. The Board is also responsible for establishing ordinances and approving the annual municipal budget.

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