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Clerk's Office


Christina Smith


Clerk's Mission Statement
The Monroe Charter Township clerk’s mission is to serve the public with dedication, integrity and fairness in applying the statutory responsibilities given to the office by the State of Michigan. Furthermore, it is the purpose of this office to act as a day-to-day liaison between the public and the Township Board for the purpose of managing the operations of the township.


The Township clerk is an elected position, responsible for maintaining the Township’s official documents, resolutions, the preparation of monthly agendas, and keeping the minutes of the Township Board meetings. This department is also responsible for the care of township cemeteries, updating, codifying and publishing the changes in the Zoning and General Code Ordinances, organizing informational brochures, the annual financial statements, and various policy/procedure manuals.


In addition, the Township’s record retention and record storage is provided through the clerk’s office, as well as overseeing the destruction of outdated and obsolete records.


To further our services to the Residents of Monroe Charter Township, the Clerk’s Office offers Notary Services provided free of charge to Monroe Charter Township residents.


A primary statutory function of the Township Clerk is to encourage and educate the public on voter registration and to maintain all voter registration records for the Monroe Charter Township electorate. The Clerk’s office is responsible for all elections including printing of the ballots, the publication of notices, absentee voting, and selecting polling locations.


Besides these duties, the clerk serves as the Human Resource Coordinator for the Township office. Township employee relations can be described as “professional camaraderie.” We enjoy working with one another and are united in our purpose to serve the Community. We trust this is felt by the customer. The Clerk, along with the Treasurer, must provide a system of checks and balances in the financial affairs with sound cash management practices being constantly followed. All financial records are audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm.



Respectfully Yours,
Christina Smith

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